Wedding at Spencer's at the Waterfront, Burlington, Ontario

Waterfront Wedding at Spencer's, Burlington, ON

For most people, scenery matters for their wedding day. And it’s not just because the photographs are spectacular. It’s because the guest experience really does matter, and Spencer’s at the Waterfront in Burlington is one of the best. It offers breathtaking views, large food concepts that feature fresh fish, exciting seafood and Craft Cut steak that tantalizes the taste buds. This unique venue has what you want for your wedding day.

Spectacular Backdrops

A wedding here is not just memorable, it’s chic, perfectly flawless and offering you the serene, romantic atmosphere that your wedding deserves. That contemporary wedding theme has never been more fabulous than at Spencer’s at the Waterfront. Host your wedding day at The Observatory; a complement to the location with 30-foot-glass walls that offer endless views of the lake and sky together. Inside, the contrasting natural wood evokes images of luxury and oozes style and class.

Personal Service for the Bride and Groom

They offer the services of a Special Events Consultant who will oversee every aspect of your day, leaving nothing to chance and ensuring that everything is timed to perfection, going off without a hitch! They will guide you through your room selection, the wine and menu choices and even the small decor details that are easily missed in the stress of a wedding.

Picture the wedding photo album with sets of images against a stunning backdrop, of dancing without abandon and capturing some of the best moments of your life in still form. Spencer’s Burlington weddings are ones of our personal favorite.