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Wedding Photography in Dominican Republic

Many couples honeymoon In the Dominican Republic, but have you ever thought about planning your wedding here? With scorching sun (outside of hurricane season!), and white sand beaches, there are certainly no better places to tie the knot.

This Caribbean destination boasts of terrains, including rainforest, savannah, and more. And that’s before you even get to those iconic white beaches! There’s no denying it; Dominican Republic weddings offer something for every couple. And, we’re going to look at how you can enjoy (and capture) those benefits on your big day.

The marriage licensing requirements

Unromantic as it may seem, marriage is a legal process, and requirements always come to the fore when planning a destination wedding. Luckily, DR licensing requirements are more lenient than many. Still, you will need to plan to make this work. Most notably, couples ,ust arrive three days before the ceremony. You’ll also need to provide certification, including birth certificates, valid passports, and divorce certificates as much as three months in advance for translation and verification.

Beach or land?

DR does, of course, offer some fantastic beach locations like Dreams Palm Beach. As if the name weren’t romantic enough, the backdrop of wedding gazebos overlooking the Caribbean sea is sure to paint a pretty picture. But, this isn’t your only option. DR offers a range of landscapes, meaning it’s in your power to wed either on land or in the rainforest if your fancy.

What about cost?

Many couples assume a DR wedding will cost the earth, but that’s not always true. By asking guests to pay for flights and accommodation instead of getting wedding gifts, you can cut expenses in half. A beach ceremony, sit-down dinner, and reception will then set you back around $10-15k. That isn’t much more than a wedding back home! Doubling up on your honeymoon means you won’t even spend any extra on flights! When looking for destination photographers, make sure to compare package prices (flights and accommodation included) to local Dominican offerings. Though you may assume a destination photographer will cost more, this isn’t necessarily the case. Doing your research could, therefore, lead to all-important savings.

Local experience

Whether you seek a destination photographer or a Dominican local, experience of your chosen area should be a priority. A photographer who knows the best backdrops and setups on Dream Beach, for instance, can guarantee the best results with the least hassle.

Unposed Photography

Your wedding vendors are going to play a massive part in your big day, so you also want to seek compatible pairings with people who share your vision. Destination photographers are often the best choice here, as you can meet a few times beforehand. As a result, they also travel alongside you to really get to know you and your values as a couple!

By keeping all this in mind, you can plan the ideal Caribbean ceremony, and capture every single second in a wedding album to cherish.