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If you were to try to nail down what the most important decision about your Prince Edward area wedding, what would your first thought be? Would it be catered food? The wedding venue? How many guests to invite? Or would it be the Prince Edward County Photographers (PEC)?

Choosing a specific photographer can absolutely affect where you get married, what time you schedule the nuptials, and in the event that you choose to get married in a beautifully photogenic spot that just doesn’t fit with traditional wedding apparel, even what you choose to wear to the big day.

So how do you begin choosing a Prince Edward County wedding photographer for your big day? Let’s dig in on things to consider when choosing!

Photographic Styles for your Ontario wedding

First you need to know the style that you are going for. As an example, some photographers prefer only posed photos while others prefer more candid photos because they feel it represents the wedding party and the bride and groom better. If you’re looking for the best Ontario wedding photographer, your personal style preference is important to consider. Many photographers use a combination of both candid and posed shots, but this is just one example of style and how to decide on a photographer. 

If you find a photographer you like, but notice that their portfolio is heavy in one specific style, ask them to see if they have other styles that they simply haven’t put on their website.  

Interview your potential Prince Edward wedding photographers

Next, schedule interviews to meet up, whether that be online over Zoom, or in person. If you’re unsure what questions to ask, here’s a brief outline.  

As your Prince Edward County Photographers we will be around your wedding party the entire day.  This means as soon as you start getting ready, the photographer is there, all the way to the end as the bride and groom are sent off by their family and friends. Because of this, make sure that you can at least have a normal conversation with the photographer. If your personalities simply don’t mesh, you risk feeling uncomfortable at your own wedding. You do not have to be best friends, but you need to make sure that you feel comfortable being photographed by the individual. Nothing is worse than a forced smile in a wedding photo. 

Wedding Photography Packages in PEC

Deciding on a package takes time! This can be really hard because you want your big day to be photographed well, and you want all the beautiful scenery at your Prince Edward wedding venue to also be photographed. Essentially, you want all of these memories perfectly preserved, but you need to consider how many of these photos are you are going to frame, how many you’ll end up wanting to send to friends, and so forth. 

Wedding photographers often charge by the hour, so if you are on a smaller budget, you may only want your photographer there for the ceremony and the reception. If you’re working with a larger budget, consider expanding the time frame to have them photograph the entire day. It’s really up to you and what you can afford without compromising on the wedding photography outcome. 

A piece of advice: it’s better to invest in higher-quality photos with a shorter amount of time than to have a hodgepodge of lower-quality photos over 10 hours. Most wedding photographers don’t work alone and they have a second shooter to help with the photography as well, but that can also increase the cost. So if you’re looking to cut your budget you can ask for one perspective with just that one photographer.

Ultimately, your wedding day should be incredibly special. The only way you’ll be able to look back on it is is through your memories and any photos, and a valuable photographer is priceless in preserving these memories. 

Next: let’s look at some of the beautiful vendors available in the Prince Edward County that are ideal for stunning photographs. 

Photogenic Prince Edward County Venues

Winter wedding wonderland: For a stunning snowy scene, you’ll be hardpressed to find a location more beautiful than the Grange of Prince Edward Winery. With beautifully lit barrel rooms, to outside scenery, this is a gorgeous setting for your big day. 

Rustic Church: Looking to go the route of a more traditional wedding? The White Chapel will not disappoint, with its historic look in the small church. The intimate chapel is ideal for a small indoor wedding, without sacrificing beauty with its wooden pews and 

Summer vineyard: If you’d like nothing more than to toast a glass of wine in your wedding attire while standing between rows of grapes, Casa-Dea Estates Winery offers fantastic views with beautiful lighting to complement your wedding photographs. 

Choosing your ` doesn’t have to be a huge headache, but it is something to tWe are covering all kind of weddings from Indian Weddings to Christian, Sikh, and Jewish celebrations. If you are interested in our unique documentary style wedding photography in TorontoGTABarrieOakvilleBurlingtonMuskoka, MississaugaBracebridgeOttawaGatineauPeterboroughKitchener-WaterlooHamiltonCambridgeNiagara, Kingston, or Montreal, then contact us today to get all the information that you need.