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Throwback to this wonderful trip to Lake Moraine & Banff National Park last summer. The moment that you get engaged is a pivotal moment in your life. Not only is it the start of an exciting time of wedding planning and fun, but it’s also the start of a commitment to the person that you love the most in your life. A wedding looms, but before then, you get to bask in the engagement, and for most people, an engagement session and photoshoot in an inspirational location is an absolute must. It’s not something that has always been done, but modern weddings demand modern traditions, and an engagement photo shoot is a privilege to shoot.

When you’re behind the camera watching a couple in love, setting up the perfect shot with the right angles and lighting, the right pose, the right candid – you get to see a side of people that isn’t often portrayed in the generation of Instagram selfies and SnapChat stories we live in. An engagement shoot isn’t just your chance to get used to your wedding photographer before you have your big day, but it’s a time to capture the love, the energy and the connection that you both have together.

Why should search for Engagement Photography?

Most of the time, it’s low on the agenda to have beautiful photographs of yourselves. While we would usually only choose professional photoshoots when we plan to get married, times are changing and choosing your engagement as a chance to showcase your love and capture timeless images of yourselves as a couple is a way to make your love last – forever.

Do you ever look back at old photographs of your grandparents and parents on their wedding days? There’s something very tender in the outfits they wore, the way that they look at each other and the way that they stand together. Your engagement shoot is going to set your couple style for your wedding day, and this is the perfect excuse for you to expose your love to the world in print. Here are some of the most popular reasons people have an engagement photoshoot:

  • Get to know the photographer. Of course, it’s not just about this, but it’s an excellent way to see if you can work with the person that you trust to shoot your wedding. An engagement session gives you that time together to ensure the relationship is a good one.
  • Camera comfort. Sometimes, an engagement shoot can be awkward for a couple – especially if they’ve never had such an intimate shoot before – and it’s close. Just two of them in a location of choice? It’s an excellent way to learn to relax in front of the camera.
  • Capture the memory. Most couples don’t allow much time between getting married and getting engaged, so this shoot is going to allow them to capture that moment and preserve their memories over this period.

Engagement Shoot Locations

Pretty much anywhere could be a location for your engagement shoot, you have to use your imagination. However, one of the most noted spots for picturesque scenery and stunning backdrops is Banff National Park.

With its Rocky Mountain peaks, turquoise glacial lakes, picture-perfect mountain town and village, wildlife and scenic drives, your engagement shoot could be spectacular here. It’s the first National Park of Canada, and it’s popular with over 3 million visitors every year. There are two popular locations to take photos in Banff National Park, and those are Moraine Lake and Lake Louise. Let’s look at them a little more closely.

Lake Moraine

With waters a vivid shade of perfect turquoise, Moraine Lake cannot possibly be missed. The colors change through the year as the glaciers melt, and it’s set in the Valley of the Ten Peaks – a rugged location that sets off the mountain scenery perfectly. Moraine Lake is engulfed by waterfalls, rock piles and mountains that create the perfect scene for your engagement session.

It’s almost unreal, how beautiful the scenery is – you can work out your poses before your shoot, working around the backdrop of the lake contrasted with the color of the sky. If you want something a little more daring, there are hikes that you could embark on to take photos from a different angle, a different view. There’s unlimited potential here, and your engagement photo shoot could be dripping in beauty.

Lake Louise

The photos you may have seen on the website could never prepare you for the experience of viewing Lake Louise for the first time. The emerald green water that glistens in the sunshine hits you, taking your breath away and providing you with scenery so dramatically beautiful that you need to capture the memory of it. Go for a sunset shoot, with the rays dropping lower behind Mount Victoria where it’s quiet and still for an intimate and timeless photo session that will leave you feeling eclipsed.

Weddings In Banff

In Banff and Lake Louise you can exchange views and celebrate your new commitment to each other on the shores of the green lake, or the top of a mountain, or in a castle dripping with luxury. The romantic accommodation and stunning venue choices make Banff one of the wedding destinations out there that should never be hidden away. There’s no need to fly away on honeymoon, either, as there is so much to do in Banff itself once your celebration is over.

You can choose to engage the skills of our expert photography along with the other services and vendors that you need for the perfect wedding day. You can make your grandest entrance, using your engagement shoot prints to decorate your location – after all, this is your day. Banff National Park has wedding planners and specialists that will help you to make your dream wedding something spectacular. It can all be a reality with no stress, no pressure and no worries – just you, your love and your life ahead of you.

Give us a call today to set up that engagement session – you won’t regret it.

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