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      Indian Wedding Toronto

      If you’re planning an Indian wedding in Toronto, then there’s a lot of information to gather. Indian weddings are among the most lively of practically any culture, sometimes lasting for days at a time.  Thus, everything has to be perfect: the venue, the tradition and, of course, the photography. We have ample experience of photographing Indian weddings in Toronto, having photographed Indian weddings across the world, including far-flung locations like Goa, Geneva, and Nairobi. Here are some of the things you need to know about Indian weddings, venues, and photography. 

      Indian Wedding Photographer Toronto

      Best Venues For Indian Weddings In Toronto

      As you are planning an Indian wedding in Toronto, then you’re spoiled for choice. Canada’s largest business hub is a thriving metropolis, full of incredible venues ideally suited for the large numbers of people who typically attend. Here are some of the top picks. As an Indian Wedding Photographer Toronto, we can suggest the following places.

      The Grand Empire

      You can find The Grand Empire in Brampton in the Greater Toronto area. Although it’s a little way out of the city, it offers a massive amount of space and seating for up to 1,200 people, making it ideal for even the largest south Asian wedding. 

      The main venue room is genuinely enormous, providing plenty of space for the ceremony itself, as well as singing and dancing. What’s more, the venue caters for more Indian weddings than any other kind, and so it offers a considerable amount of experience. The food is, according to those who’ve sampled it, second-to-none. 

      The Royal Ontario Museum

      It might not sound like a typical wedding venue, but it is one, nonetheless. The museum, which welcomes more than one million visitors through its doors every year, has space for more than 2,000 guests, making it an extraordinary venue for even the largest of parties. The interior is modern, and it can cater to special culinary and dietary requirements. 

      The Shangri-La

      The fancy Shangri-La hotel in Toronto is one of the most upmarket venues available, but it offers a second-to-none experience. The hotel provides a team of wedding specialists who assist you in designing every aspect of the big day. Plus, it offers some pretty stunning backdrops for those all-important photos. 

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      Stages of a Traditional Indian Wedding 

      The details of a traditional Indian wedding are as long as they are entertaining. Before the actual wedding is the sangeet, a party where relatives come together to sing songs and dance in anticipation of the upcoming union. The bride is also painted with henna on the hands and feet before the ceremony. 

      At the start of the traditional ceremony, the couple stand under a kind of shelter called a Mandap. In the middle, there is a sacred fire pit that burns as a witness to the words said by the couple. There is often a prayer to Ganesha, the god of beginnings and good fortune, and then the bride offers three fistfuls of rice to the fire. 

      After that, the couple exchanges floral garlands. The father of the bride then offers his daughter to the man by placing her hand in his. He then pours water over both their hands as a symbol of his affirmation.

      Then the couple performs the saptapadi ritual. The significance of this ritual depends on the heritage of the family. For those from Northern India, the couple walks seven times around the fire as a reflection of blessings requested from the Gods. For those from the south of India, the seven circlings represent the friendship between the bride and groom. 

      Once the ceremony is over, a red powder called sindoor is applied to the bride’s hair, reflecting her new status as a married woman. 

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      Engagement Photography for Indian Couples 

      As you can imagine, engagement photography is vital for couples of all stripes, but particularly so for Indian couples. Engagement photos are an opportunity for you to chart your progress towards your marriage. In years to come, you’ll look back on your engagement photographs with fondness and curiosity. They’ll let you see the couple that you started off being, and show you how you’ve changed over the years since those heady, early days. 

      You have an enormous amount of creative freedom when it comes to taking photos to celebrate your engagement. There’s no right or wrong way to do it, allowing you to improvise in whatever way you see fit. 

      To get the most out of your engagement photo shoot, you’ll need to do a little preparation. The first thing to consider is what you’ll wear. Ideally, you’ll want to dress to impress so that you can create a striking impression on film. The second thing you’ll want is chemistry. Feeling at ease with your partner is vital for creating shots that communicate your affection for each other. Finally, you’ll want to find some stunning backdrops – easy to do in Toronto!

      Planning your engagement photo shoot is one of the biggest challenges. You’ll want to work with a professional Indian engagement photographer to create scenarios and settings that say something about the couple that you aspire to be. Ideally, your photos will tell a story of some sort, giving you a chance to say something about your love. Putting together a storyboard can help your photographer create the perfect album. 

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      Best Indian Wedding Photographer Toronto

      You’ve come to the right place if you’re looking for the best Indian wedding photographer in Toronto. We have tremendous experience photographing Indian weddings and engagements. We’ve traveled across the world to capture your most special moments, including cities like Delhi and Mumbai, in India, providing happy couples with the perfect snaps on their big day. 

      Toronto has a thriving Indian community that expects the best. With our wedding photos, you can remember your big day in the most stylish and flattering way possible, with a collection of stunning images for posterity. We capture all of the color, joy, and movement of the occasion, paying particular attention to your personal needs and preferences. We help you pay homage to this special and unique occasion.