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Steam Whistle is home to some of the best and most aesthetically pleasing event spaces in Toronto. It was once a train depot that was used to fit locomotives but has now been transformed into a beautiful venue that embraces its industrial look while giving you the chance to look out at the views of Toronto’s skyline. There are many features to the event spaces that make them, not only a beautiful place to have a wedding, but an amazing venue to have featured in your wedding photographs. Some of the stand out features include brick and beam architecture, 30-foot ceilings, large multi-paned windows, hand-hewn support pillars and exposed original brick. This makes the Steam Whistle perfect for a unique, beautiful wedding that will stick in the minds of you and your guests for a long time. 

Steam Whistle Brewery Wedding

One of the great things about Steam Whistle Brew is that they have four different event spaces, all of them unique, although only three can be used for weddings. It is great because whether you want a big wedding or a more intimate wedding, there are event spaces that will work for your big day. 

The Locomotive Hall is the event space with the largest capacity. It has a capacity of 300 for a plated wedding and up to 1000 for a reception. This hall pays tribute to the trains that can be found in the park around the building and is situated where bays 12, 13, and 14 used to be when it was an operating railroad roundhouse. 

The next event space that can be used for weddings is the Pilsner Beer Hall. This is the most versatile event space at Steam Whistle Brewery because it can be set up almost any way you want it. It has a capacity of 250 guests for a seated dinner and 500 for a standing reception, but it can vary depending on the type of event you want, whether you want it to be formal, or more casual, and whether you want a dancefloor. One of the most striking features of this space is 30 ft high train doors that open onto an outdoor patio with an amazing vista of the city skyline. It is the best of both worlds, as you can make use of the outdoor space as well as the indoor. The patio is particularly interesting and beautiful because it is cobblestoned with embedded railway tracks which lead to a fully functioning, restored railcar turntable. 

The last space that can be booked for weddings is the Steam Whistle Gallery. It is usually best rented in conjunction with Pilsner Hall so that it can be used as a cocktail reception area before your sit down meal. A great thing about this space is that not only does it have 30 ft high ceilings and large windows like the other rooms, but it also features in-hour art exhibitions that show the art of talented local artists. 

Whether you want a small or large wedding, there is a space that will be perfect for your event. If you are looking for Steam Whistle Brewery wedding cost and price, you can reach directly on their event page on their website.

Top Wedding Venue in Downtown Toronto

The Steam Whistle Brewery is a great wedding venue if you want to go for something a bit different. The event spaces have a great mixture of old and new, but they can all still be creatively transformed to fit with the taste of the couple. It is even possible to have both the ceremony and the reception there, ensuring you don’t have to worry about getting from one venue to another. 

The venue has lots of amazing partners that they work with, so you can have work with the best caterers the city has to offer, and an event rental that will help with the space transformation. It is also the chance to have your wedding within the friendly and down-to-earth environment of Steam Whistle, Canada’s beloved brewery, who create beer that Canadians can be proud of. Not to mention, for those beer lovers, Canada’s pure pilsner is on tap!

Your wedding will be one to remember if you have it at Steam Whistle Brewery. All of your guests will remember your unique venue, and after decoration, how well it fits you as a couple. It will also provide you with exceptional physical memories in the form of photographs, as the backdrop of the chic industrial building, with its exposed bricks, and fantastic skyline views will look amazing in every photo. It really will be a unique, beautiful and unforgettable event.