Maternity Photographer Ottawa




Maternity Photographer Ottawa

When women are expecting their new baby, booking a pregnancy shoot can offer a way to capture the memorable moments experienced in later pregnancy. It’s one of the most beautiful types of photography, as it takes all of the beauty in pregnancy and places it into film for eternity. Whether it’s your first pregnancy or your third, you deserve to feel and look stunning as you create life. Maternity photography Ottawa is going to help you to make that happen, and once your baby is born, you can book a newborn photoshoot as a follow up. Photography says so much more than words in a story or a journal entry, and maternity photography focuses on the natural stage of life you’ve chosen to embrace.

As a Maternity Photographer Ottawa, I can help you to capture the most precious moments in your life before your baby arrives. We’re going to go through some of the most common questions asked to maternity photographers in Ottawa.

Which Week Is Best for Maternity Photos?

You want to capture your pregnancy, but you want to be comfortable while you do it. It’s for this reason that you need to consider booking your pregnancy shoot at around 30 weeks. Too early, and you may not have much of a bump to photograph, and too much after 30 weeks can be an uncomfortable shoot. It’s easier to move into the right positions and pose for a length of time at 30 weeks compared to 35 weeks.

Of course, every pregnancy is different, and every woman is different, too. The most important thing about your maternity photoshoot is that you are comfortable, and we will only take photographs when you are relaxed and happy with poses. You need to be able to change your position during your shoot, but even if you are dealing with limited mobility, we can work with you to ensure that you have the best possible outcome for your maternity shoot. 

What Are The Tips For Best Maternity Photography?

The whole idea behind a pregnancy shoot is that you want to catch the bump in the shot. You want to make sure that you keep the pregnancy bump your focus throughout each pose you make. Some of the best tips for your maternity shoot include:

  • Time it right in every shot. Get into a position such as a seated or standing pose with your bump on show, and once you are comfortable, the shot can be taken.
  • Where possible, keep the background simple. As we said, the bump needs to be the focus of every single shot for your maternity shoot. Whether you are holding your bump or you have your other children touching your bump, the background should be plain so that the bump stands out!
  • Pregnancy is beautiful, but it looks so much more beautiful in natural light. Taking your shoot outside and standing at the right angles in a flattering light will accentuate your natural beauty and make your bump stand out.
  • Wear comfortable clothing, but something that will mark the occasion. You’re trying to mark your pregnancy with this shoot, immortalizing your journey. A tight and stretchy pregnancy dress is a beautiful choice, as is a flowing Grecian-style dress that flows around the bump. Flattering is key!

Ultimately, your photographer has to make you feel comfortable and confident in yourself, which is exactly what we do. We will suggest how to move, how to look and we can talk you through  how to include any other children that you may have in your photoshoot. Family involvement can make a beautiful session really stand out, and it’s entirely up to you if you include the whole gang or you go it alone.

How Much Do Maternity Shoots Cost?

Your particular maternity shoot is unique to you. There are different pregnancy shoot types and those have different prices. You can choose a single, one-hour photo shoot with one location, or you can go for it with a two-hour session with up to three locations. You could even choose a studio session if this is something you’re most comfortable. You have to also factor in the printed photographs and other products available. You may want your maternity photoshoot printed on a large canvas, or you may want albums to include all of the best pictures from the shoot. The price of your photoshoot depends on what you want, so enquire today and we can discuss your expectations.

You want this maternity shoot to capture your moment of anticipation before your baby is born, with every happiness that comes with it. As a Maternity Photographer Ottawa, our approach is as personal and authentic as possible, so that you get the very best experience at this magical time of life. 

Why Should You Choose Us?

We offer more than just years of experience, we offer expertise. Your maternity photoshoot is a personal experience, and we want to enhance that with our approach. As a Maternity Photographer Ottawa, we love taking natural portraits and we use light as creatively as possible to set the mood and capture some authenticity. Our approach includes as much spontaneity as possible, and we make sure that you are comfortable every step of the way. The experience will be as enjoyable, stress-free and safe as possible, and for the best experience, we work with different vendors in hair and makeup and venues so that you receive the best photoshoot possible. 

Your maternity shoot is a celebration and we treat it as such. Not only are we celebrating your moment before a baby is born, but we’re celebrating your pregnancy for the miracle it is. For this session, you should feel beautiful. Choosing us means choosing experienced, open and excited photographers who have a passion for capturing your pregnancy – whether it’s a solo shoot or inclusive of the whole family. 

Maternity Photographer Ottawa

If you would like to know more about the tailor-made packages we can offer you get in touch with us today. Your maternity session will be special to you, and we want to capture those wonderful moments!