Bohemian Wedding Style in Muskoka



Bohemian weddings have become one of the fastest rising trends in North America. They create an incredibly soft and romantic feeling, which is coupled with a vintage look. Canada is the birthplace of this trend, with plenty of Boho weddings taking place in Muskoka.
Just a short two-hour drive from Toronto, you’ll come across Muskoka. It’s a place that’s well known for a wild outdoor feel, and long stretches of beautiful nature. There are lakes aplenty as well, making it one of the best locations for a Bohemian wedding. As the name ‘Cottage Country’ suggests, there is no shortage of quaint cottages here to give a proper Boho feel to your wedding. Many couples hire out cottages to stay in during the wedding week, and guests are welcome to hire nearby ones as well. It’s the perfect way to get in the Boho mood and really embrace this wedding trend.

Tying The Knot In Cottage Country

One of the key elements of a Bohemian wedding is that it takes place outdoors. Traditionally, they’re held in backyards, but Muskoka is the perfect place for a forest wedding. Get everything set up between some towering trees and feel the real beauty of the outdoor nature. At the very least, it’s absolutely perfect for some fantastic wedding photos that’ll make everyone jealous.

Many people will group Boho weddings with the rustic wedding theme, but they’re slightly different. While this type of wedding can take on rustic elements, it’s much more about being free-spirited and alternative. The purpose is to create this dreamy, soft, romantic atmosphere around the wedding. You can do this by getting married in Muskoka and getting wrapped up in your own fairytale within the forests and by the lakes.

Stunning DIY Rustic Decor

The beauty of a Bohemian wedding is that there’s a huge DIY element to it. Seeing as you’re getting married outdoors, it gives you an excuse to create your own decor. Hand fairy lights and lanterns from nearby trees, and make the most out of your natural surroundings. It’s the perfect opportunity to get creative, which means you can have a unique wedding.

To really capture the essence of a Boho wedding, make sure you take advantage of flowers. You can never have too many, and they’re a central theme in this wedding trend. Get creative and include loads of bright and colorful flowers to really make your wedding pop.

Wedding Photography Muskoka

Anyone that’s looking for an exciting wedding theme will enjoy the concept of Bohemian weddings. They’re extremely popular in Canada, particularly in the Muskoka district. Consequently, if you enjoy the idea of romantic little cottages, fairytale forests, and picture by the lake – then it’s perfect for you.

If you’re also looking for someone to capture the magic of your wedding day, then give me a call. I provide wedding photography services throughout Ontario and would be honored to create Bohemian memories on your special day.