Planning your Engagement Photography in Ottawa

engagement photography in ottawa

We all know that photos play a huge role in a wedding, but many couples now realize that engagement photography can also be a fantastic addition. Taken before the stress of wedding planning, photographs like these can effectively capture one of your most romantic periods as a couple. They can also introduce you to a go-to photographer!

If you’re in the process of planning an engagement shoot in Ottawa, then you needn’t look any further. We’ve got all the details on when, how, and why to make engagement shoots work for you. Whether these pictures are for your home or wedding invites, you certainly won’t regret taking the plunge as long as you keep these pointers in mind.

Why engagement photoshoots matter

All couples have different motivations for engagement photoshoots, but there are some pressing reasons as to why sessions like these matter and they include – 

  • A fantastic opportunity to meet and test a wedding photographer
  • A chance to practice your poses
  • Beautiful pictures for wedding invites and more
  • An opportunity to capture your love before all that wedding stress
  • A fun excuse for a professional photoshoot!

Best Ottawa locations for engagement shoots

As Canada’s capital, Ottawa has a whole host of stunning locations to make the most of during an engagement shoot. You only get one shot, though (excuse the pun), so you’ll want to choose your location wisely. Luckily, we have the experience to recommend the most iconic Ottawa offerings you could hope for.

Your house

This may seem like a bit of a cheat but bear with us. Your engagement photos are all about your love, remember? What better way to capture that than to plan a shoot in your Ottawa home? Whether you’re curled up on the sofa or cooking a meal together, this could be the perfect way to capture your relationship.

Dominion Arboretum

Dominion Arboretum is a photoshoot favorite, especially in May, when pink blossoms are in bloom. With greenery galore and walks along the canal available, this is an oasis of calm countryside that is guaranteed to look the part on any engagement shoot. 

Parliament Hill

As one of the most iconic Ottawa buildings, you could certainly do worse than setting your engagement shoot at Parliament Hill. With striking classic architecture and historical surroundings like Spark Street to enjoy, this is a top choice for many couples.

Chateau Laurier

Along the same vein, you might want to consider the iconic Chateau Laurier. As well as being a spectacular photo backdrop in itself, this national historic site is home to all manner of engagement gems. Whether you take pictures looking out at the Ottawa river or have fun on the balcony overlooking parliament, you can bet you’ll get some stunning results. 

Building trust with your wedding photographer in Ottawa

As mentioned, the ability to meet with and test an Ottawa engagement photographer is a leading motivation for engagement photoshoots. Securing the ideal photographer on your big day is, after all, absolutely vital for ensuring the best wedding album possible. Given that our photos are the lasting memento for any wedding, you certainly won’t want to take a chance on these.

A successful engagement shoot means you don’t have to. This is the ideal opportunity to see what a photographer has to offer in a relaxed setting. To get the most out of this opportunity, you should look for everything from the poses your photographer suggests to the final photos they present you with.

By the time your engagement shoot draws to a close, you should have a firm understanding of both how much the photographer understood your vision, and their working processes. This, in turn, can help you choose whether or not there’s a place for them on your big day. If you decide that they are the right fit, the trust you’ve already built also means that you won’t need to rehash your vision!

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