Why is Wedding Photography such a worthwhile Investment?

Calgary Wedding Photographer

Being a wedding photographer since 2007, I have been fortunate to shoot probably over 300 weddings and to share very special moments with happy lovers! During our pre wedding consultations with newly engaged couples, there is a question that still regularly arises: “Why is wedding photography expensive for a limited amount of hours of coverage?”. I thought I could share some insights and some experience with the future brides and grooms actively looking for their photographers (pretty much the same would also apply to videographers).

Continuous Education for the Photographer

Wedding photography is considered expensive due to various factors. Professional wedding photographers possess specialized skills and expertise in capturing beautiful moments, which comes from years of experience, education (attending conferences and masterclasses, taking workshops, and online courses), and practice. We use high-quality and professional equipment (usually upgraded every 3-4 years. Most photographers will show up with at least a $15k kit at your wedding) and invest significant time in pre-wedding consultations, planning, post-processing, and creating the final photo album or gallery.

Limited Availabilities for Wedding Photography

The responsibility of photographing a couple’s special day is substantial, leading to added liability and the need for insurance coverage. There is no second take! Additionally, we, as wedding photographers, face limited opportunities to earn income, as weddings typically occur on weekends. Consequently, our pricing must account for the limited working days available and high demand in peak season for similar dates.

Emotional Impact and Long-Term Value

Photographers often emotionally invest in capturing the emotions and essence of the wedding, forging a connection with our clients and understanding their unique vision. The perceived value of wedding photographs is also high, as they hold sentimental importance for the couple, making them willing to pay more for exceptional images that immortalize their cherished memories. Finally, operating a photography business involves various expenses, such as marketing, website maintenance, advertising, taxes, and administrative costs.

Despite the cost, wedding photography remains a worthy investment in preserving lasting memories of one of life’s most significant milestones. When choosing a photographer, couples should carefully consider their budget while prioritizing finding an artist whose style and expertise align with their vision for the perfect wedding album/gallery.



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